Thomas the Tank Engine Design


This indoor tent for kids was created after the image of Thomas the Tank Engine. Yes it does look inviting to kids to get up and climb on it but you must remember it is a soft tent, and was not built to climb on. It has a porthole and a sunroof on top to let fresh air in and give your child easy view of the tracks ahead, I measures 38 by 52 by 26 inches (HxLxW). They claim it can easy hold up to four small children.

It is lightweight, collapsible and comes with a carrying case for easy stowage, making it easy to move from place to place. They designed this play house tent to be setup in seconds. Combine with a colorful and cheerful Thomas the Tank Smiling face, should provide hours of fun for your kids. Remember that this would also be a good tents for toddlers.

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