With kids indoor playhouse tents ,you can really spur their creative young imaginations. They are also great for parents because they will keep their toddler’s or young one’s busy for a good part of the day. Most of these tents are real easy to store and put away in the closet when guest are coming over. They are free standing and even fun for you to watch them as they run in and out the front door over and over again.

     The one I bought has 2 windows and a zipper entry, it also has a tunnel that they can crawl in and out of, how fun is that. My grandchildren just love it and can not wait to come and visit us. These little indoor tents are really great fun. What I love about them is they are so easy to fold up when the kids go home to their parents house.

     In the age of computers, ipad’s and mp3 player, it is interesting to see that simple low tech item like the indoor kids tents can still capitavate their young minds. When your child’s imagination starts to run wild, they might think about these tent as a hideaway, castle, clubhouse or some sort of fort they can defend themselves from the bad guys who are trying to take over the world. All I know is that they just can’t wait to come and visit Grandma and me.

     These indoor tents for kids are good for ages 3yr and up to 10yr, of course it also depends on your individual child, but If you are trying to come up with a good idea for a gift then this would be perfect for any kid.